This New Tuner App Prevents Your Strings from Snapping

Tuning apps are everywhere. Though few, if any, take into account those new to string instruments and how to accurately tune without breaking a string. However, London-based app developer Gismart has entered the scene with features even the highly anticipated Fender Tuner App does not have.

Gismart’s new DoubleTune App is currently the only one that gives musicians the ability to tune string instruments quickly and accurately, while protecting the strings from snapping. Gismart calls this feature “Tune Guard Mode,” which alerts users the moment a string is too tight with a red signal and the string highlighted in the app.

While many experienced musicians may have this skill down, this app is a top choice for those who are new to tuning. New musicians can tune accurately without worry as well as learn to tune like a professional. Even for professionals, Tune Guard is an excellent feature just as a precaution, and surely useful before going on stage. DoubleTune has a variety of modes including: standard guitar, ukulele, open string, drop tuning, double-dropped tuning, custom tuning, manual chromatic tuner, tune-by-ear, and pitch fork.

Gismart is not new to the music app scene. Previously, Gismart’s Piano App landed a spot in the “Top 5 Most Downloaded Games Worldwide” chart. While Piano App started as a simple piano simulator, the team changed their focus by adding in gamification features. Not too soon later, the game’s popularity exploded.

DoubleTune follows this path by offering three educational games that help beginners learn chords, chord diagrams, and to also train their musical hearing in the form of competitive quizzes. Repetitive game scenarios allow users to gain knowledge and memorize chords faster. Users can easily transfer this learning experience to continue practice on real guitar.

DoubleTune is currently available for iOS and can be found here




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