Real Images of OnePlus 5 Emerge Ahead of Its Launch

OnePlus 5 is perhaps the most talked about smartphone in the town and ahead of its launch on June 20 a new image has come out which has revealed quite a lot about the smartphone. It is reported that the newest image which has come out is the real image of the smartphone.

The new image of the OnePlus which has come out appears to be the actual one. In fact, the image which has come out on the web page of Android Police has been claimed by a second-hand source as the real one. Now that really drives everyone to come to the conclusion that all the previous images and leaks which have been making rounds all this while are fake.

OnePlus 5
The new image which has come out has been regarded as the one of the original device

The image which has come out clearly shows that the handset is equipped with a dual-lens rear camera setup. There is also a laser sensor and an LED flash beside the two lenses which will certainly provide the users with a better experience of photography. Along with the features related to the camera of the upcoming flagship device from OnePlus, the position of the different buttons on the edges has also come to the fore. The volume button along with the dedicated mute button which is one of the exclusive ones in a smartphone from OnePlus can all be viewed properly in the image.

Besides what the new image has shown, there has been lots of talking going around regarding its features. And it has been not long ago that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has announced that OnePlus 5 will hit the market with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. But then, nothing more has been stated officially. So we will have to wait until the smartphone gets officially unveiled on June 20.

The experts and the fans are of the opinion that if this new image, which has been tipped to be the real one if turns out to be true, will make the device look very much like an Apple iPhone. Well, that’s quite an achievement and eyes will now certainly be on how things pan out on the day the latest flagship device from OnePlus sees the light of day.

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