Sony Reveals New Days Gone Trailer at E3 2017

Syphon Filter developer SIE Bend Studio’s upcoming game Days Gone was announced during last year’s E3 event, and since then we have been given some idea about what to expect. But during the currently running E3 2017 event, Sony’s briefing began with a brand new trailer of the new survival horror game which finally focuses on something other than the zombies.

The latest trailer focuses on gameplay and exploration, and shows viewers how to navigate the dynamic environment and make use of the elements to the best of one’s advantage. It begins with Deacon St. John, the protagonist of the new game, who embarks on a journey to save an associate. This latter person has been captured by some humans, and Deacon hops on his two-wheeler to rescue him.

Along the way, he is chased by wolves, fights some baddies, and finally finds his way towards the camp in the woods where his friend is being tortured. It is evident that the player can use a fair bit of distraction, and Deacon sets traps along the way to eliminate his enemies. Finally, when he spots the guy he is looking for, he sets up a bomb to bring down the gates of hell to direct the zombies in the camp’s direction. The rescue is successful, but the trailer ends with the surviving duo looking at a raging bear coming to attack them.

The video is delightfully different from the others we have seen, as the zombies take a backseat here and we get to see a cool way of using their force to the player’s advantage. But while the video looks great, the sad news is that Days Gone still has not received a release date from its publishers. The game is being built solely for the PS4, and the open world structure will allow players to take various approaches to complete missions.

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