WWE 2K18 Cover Star and Release Date Announced by 2K

WWE 2K18 is releasing on schedule: the new game is coming out on October 17, 2017 on the Xbox One and the PS4. Unlike WWE 2K17, this year’s game will not be released on the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360. There is currently no information about a PC release either.

Besides the all-important fact about the release date, 2K has also revealed the WWE 2K18 cover star. For this year’s game, the publisher has zeroed in on none other than Seth Rollins to be the face on the cover. The 31-year-old star definitely boasts of the accomplishments to be given such an honour. 2K talks about Rollins’ “unmatched work ethic, disruptive mindset and definitive WWE career” in their official press release, along with the fact that “he was destined to be different, blaze his own trail and take no prisoners along the way, even if it meant disrespecting history.”

The news comes accompanied with a trailer that makes quite the statement with Rollins in the fore. The trailer begins with a masked man entering the WWE archives, only to destroy every precious memorabilia that is housed inside. When he is satisfied with the rampage, he seals the deal by setting the whole place on fire. Only then is this masked man revealed to be Seth Rollins. The star’s activities in the trailer definitely evoke his heel days. You can watch the WWE 2K18 reveal trailer above.

2K has also revealed some details about the pre-order information about the upcoming game. The game will be available in three different versions, and you can pre-order WWE 2K18 already on 2K’s official site. If you pre-order either of the two special editions, you will be able to play the game four days earlier on October 13. You can find out all the currently available information about what will come along with them on the link provided above, although more details will be unveiled with time.

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