Letstrack Unveils a Brand-New Tracking Device in India

Letstrack, the UK based IoT startup is a leader in its field offering specialist solutions in bringing real-time GPS tracking abilities through the app. In India, it released a personal tracking device which is able to track an entity or individual. Much to the users’ surprise, the app is absolutely free to download, and users need not have to spend a single dime for using the application.

Letstrack Launches a New Tracking Device in India

Talking about the tracking device which has rolled out today in India, it features delightful specifications. The tracking device is powered by 3.7 V 5000 mAh Li-ion battery that lasts an entire 10 days life span without charging. Letstrack allows users with 24 histories of locations implanted on the tracking device. The IoT startup offers a long-lasting and weather proof tracking device which alongside operates in adverse conditions, with a lasting range from of -20°C to +55°c, to be precise.

With an entire detailed location, the tracking device enables users to send alerts, only if users in danger opt to press the SOS or panic button. The tracking device features a compact size of about 105x60x20 mm dimensions. Launched in India today, Letstrack’s new tracking device comes with a price tag of Rs. 7499. Information wise, the app is currently available both on iOS App Store as well as Google Play Store.

One who visits the Letstrack official site will be offered with multiple tracking devices such as Letstrack Personal I (priced at Rs 6999) which is specially manufactured for vulnerable family members as well as assets. Users can tie it on their pets’ collar or even inside kids’ bags. Letstrack Basic Series, another tracking device, is primarily for the purpose of tracking vehicles’ location like bike and cars. This device sports the real-time tracking feature, speed alert for the vehicle tracking system and comes with a price tag of Rs 4449.

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