New Mobile App ‘SARAT’ Launched by INCOIS; Will Spot Missing Ones at Sea

In the last few years, we have seen many innovative things making their way into the list of popular ones. And it can be noticed particularly when it comes to apps on different platforms. The latest one which is lately launched in India will enable the user to spot a missing entity at sea.

The Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) has lately launched this new app which would enable the users to find out missing ones at sea. The app aims to aid the fisherman as well as the personnel who work as the security coast guards. This app will definitely save time which will, in turn, enable the users to save lives.

INCOIS has launched a new app named ‘SARAT’ that will enable the user to spot the missing objects at sea

This new app termed as ‘SARAT’ is capable of detecting as many as 64 types of objects. And the huge list includes a lot of things like boats, ships and even human beings boarding the ships. The web version of the app went live last year. But finally, the developer of the app has announced that it will be available on Google Play Store. The announcement was made at New Delhi yesterday by Rajendra Singh who is currently the Chairman of the National Maritime Search and Rescue (NMSAR) Board and the Director General of Indian Coast Guard.

The app supports a number of languages. This is because the fishermen belonging to different states know different languages, and they would find it easier in case they need to find out any one of their mates. The ‘SARAT’ app consists of integrated maps using which one can notify where the missing person was last noticed. Then the app works on that information provided by the user and suggests a probable search area. The information is sent via a text message. The developers have reportedly started working on integrating the app with the INSAT which is the Indian satellite for improved real-time transmission and relay of information.”

We got an idea of the first successful functioning of the ‘Sarat’ app when it was able to find out the Dornier aircraft which went missing way back in 2015 from Chennai. So it seems that things are going to get even better in the coming days. And if eventually, it works well, it will definitely be beneficial for the users.

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