Samsung Introduces the World’s first LED Display for Theaters

A landmark moment has been announced by the South-Korean tech conglomerate, Samsung for the cinema industry. The first ever commercial cinema LED screen has been installed by the electronics giant at the Lotte Cinema World Tower in Korea today. Back in the month of March, Samsung unveiled the Cinema Screen and debuted its display at a series of events at The Orleans Hotel as well as Casino in Las Vegas.

As per the reports, the 33.8ft (10.3m) screen has received a permanent place at South Korea’s  Lotte Cinema World Tower which is crafted to have a High Dynamic Range Display. The Visual Display Business President, HS Kim said, “Through sharper and more realistic colors, complementary audio and an elevated presentation, our Cinema LED Screen makes viewers feel as if they are part of the picture. We are excited to partner with Lotte Cinema to bring this technology to theater-goers, and look forward to continuing to shape the cinema of the future.

The tech giant collaborated with the American audio solutions company, HARMAN in order to offer a unique audio experience to loyal fans. In terms of visuals, Samsung has implemented the prominent 4K incarnations. In terms of display, the screen is 10.3 meters, built with smaller LED modules with a resolution of 4K DCI. Brightness wise, it reaches around 500 nits (approx 146fL). With the help of this technology, High Dynamic Range can be produced in any dark cinema environment. Evidently, it has 10 times greater peak brightness comparing with any standard projector technologies.

Samsung has not yet announced any further installation plans in future for the Cinema screen, but the company is targeting corporate functions, concerts, and other technologies. Reportedly, the tech conglomerate is developing its high-end devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Galaxy S9. For rich ‘Note’ and ‘S’ series fans, the beasts are arriving in the near future, and waiting for the devices is worth.

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