Sony’s New ‘Three Hands Square’ Wena Wrist Hybrid Watch Coming Soon

Sony is looking to augment its presence in the smartwatch/hybrid watch category as it is planning to bring in the Sony Three Hands Square Wena Wrist Hybrid Watch which will complement the initial Wena hybrid watch. The watches are tough, durable, and are great to look at as well. Also, the range will be made more affordable to the price sensitive consumer as well.

Sony Three Hands Square hybrid watch
The new Sony Three Hands Square hybrid watch

The new Three hands Square will also be made sleeker when compared to the initial range of hybrid watches. The straps are thinner and the body is also more square shaped for extra mobility. The new series of the Wena Wrist hybrid watches will also have leather belts as an added option, as the earlier iteration did not carry them; they merely carried the steel wristband which also had the LED lights which lit up as soon as the incoming calls came in on the accompanying smartphones.

The new Three Hands Square Wena hybrid smartwatch will miss out on the LED lights, however. It will retain the NFC communications module, which means that they can be used as payments gateways on points of sale which accept them. That said, the new Sony Three Hands Square Wena watches will have a more select capability as the less noticeable watch has also got more integrated technology. Some sources indicate that these watches may be aimed at women; included are options for 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm size options as well.

As of now, the Sony Wena hybrid watches are only available in Japan. The Three Hands Square model will not go up for sale until well into July. Also, the leather straps to complement the hybrid watches are not yet available. They will be made available later this year at a price tag of around 8,380 Yen. You can also go for the model with the steel band for a price tag of 10,380 Yen, assuming that that is the 18mm model. The steel band will come for an added 33,880 Yen as well. Expect the new range to prove to be a game-changer come August.

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