Sony’s New Xperia Flagship May Finally Come With Sony’s Own Chips at IFA This Year

Since 2015, it has been rumored that Sony was building its own in-house chipsets which would ultimately power its own flagship smartphones. If new reports are to be believed, that is soon going to be a reality as Sony’s latest flagship will soon launch at the IFA in Berlin on August 31. Exactly how powerful the new chipset will be is not clear at this moment; however, it is expected that Sony’s new chips will rival the likes of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC at the very least.

A concept of the Sony Xperia flagship

Sony has traditionally been known to announce the details of its flagship smartphones at the IFA every year. The IFA, which is an acronym of  Internationale Funkausstellung, is held every year in Berlin around the end of August-start of September every year and is one of Germany’s oldest trade fairs as well.

It was earlier reported that the Sony was planning on launching two separate devices at this year’s IFA. There have been rumors that a new Sony smartphone with a bezel-less display is also coming later this year. Once that happens, Sony will join the likes of Apple and Samsung to have smartphones with bezel-less displays as well. This is one of the rages this year. Other details on the new Sony flagship are not yet known, however. Previous Xperia devices had prominent bezels on both the top and the bottom of their devices but that design philosophy is set to change now.

A custom Sony chipset will also allow the device to be competitively priced as well. It will certainly be much more competitive than acquiring the comparable chipset from any of the rivals, including companies like MediaTek and Qualcomm. Many of the other rivals have also developed and used their own chipsets. The examples include Samsung’s in-house Exynos chipsets, some of which power the new Galaxy S8 devices, Huawei’s new Kirin chipsets, and Xiaomi’s recent custom chip. The last of the brands, Xiaomi, had earlier sourced its chipsets from Qualcomm and MediaTek, similar to Sony.

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