Wheelzz Brings Back Inline Skating with the First Innovation in 25 Years

Could inline skating be making a comeback?

In 1993, almost 25 years ago, Rollerblade Inc. developed “Active Brake Technology,” the last innovation to come to inline skating. This let skaters simply straighten their leg out to bring themselves to a slow halt. But since then, inline skates have mostly remained the same and as the 90s came to an end, the sport seemed to follow.

Now Wheelzz, a Dutch company and new product launched on Indiegogo today, has developed the first inline skates with a double suspension system.

After struggling with knee and leg pain after roughly 30 minutes of skating, founder and creator Hans Diekman wondered why no one had come up with a solution for this problem yet. It was then he thought, why not add a suspension system? Now, Wheelzz provides the smoothest possible ride and the ability to skate on uneven surfaces such as brick and bumpy pavements. With Wheelzz, anyone who may have experienced knee, leg, and shin pain in the past can now have a significantly less painful ride.


Each side of the individual skates has pairs of three wheels that communicate and compensate for each other. If one wheel meets a hole in the road, the companion wheels compensate, ensuring no rough bumps or discomfort. Each set of wheels has its own spring for vertical suspension and will always return back to their basic positions. And, having a staggered pair of wheels allows for a more powerful push. In addition, Wheelzz can be personally customized with all existing types of boots, shoes, and wheels.


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