BRAIN+ Ready-To-Use Neurofeedback Device Improves Concentration, Relaxation, & Memory

When August Kridsakon’s 65-year old healthy father had a non-serious instance of forgetfulness, a lightbulb went off in his head. EEG technology has already been used for years in clinical cognitive rehabilitation, ADHD, and other disorders; what if it could be brought into the hands of the everyday consumer?

Founder August began his brain wave research in 2011 and was named researcher in IEEE’s brain signal publication in 2012 (Brain Signal Detection Methodology for Attention Training using minimal EEG channels). Now, with a thesis on research in brain signals and two Master’s Degrees, one in Computer Engineering from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand and another in Telecommunications at the University of Pittsburgh, August flew to back to Thailand with the passion to do something great in Brain Computer Interface. It was there he designed the first prototype for BRAIN+, a neurofeedback EEG device designed to improve concentration, relaxation, and memory.

Upon completion, the team then traveled all the way to Tibet-Leh Ladahk, the land of lama and iconic of the meditation master, to test its calibration, which was deemed successful.

August and his team are on a mission to introduce a life-changing device for humanity, giving people the ability to have a brain and thus, a better life. “Brain Computer Interface (BCI) will become the game changing technology trend for the near future. Imagine that you can control your car or any machine with only the thought of your mind. With BRAIN+ you’ll be the one who can touch this new technology early to feel the power of what your brain can do and how you can improve that power. BRAIN+ will continue to do the best job to bring this exciting technology go even further, and BRAIN+ community/supporter will be the first one to update it from us,” says August.

As an EEG headband, the BRAIN+ patent-pending system extracts brain waves into a readable format and a smart algorithm makes a perfect correlation between brain waves and the state of mind. The cutting edge circuit is carefully built to deliver the best signal with low noise. And, BRAIN+ requires no gels; simply wear it like a headband.

BRAIN+ comes with a pre-programmed Windows10 port tablet with several applications and games to train users in their concentration, memory, and relaxation. One game, for example, the user must focus on a candle on the screen. The more the user focuses, the more it lights up. The applications will record all of the user’s results so the next time they play they can try to beast it. Over time, these training sessions will help to improve cognitive abilities and improve your productivity.


So, if you want to improve your memory, concentration, ability to relax, BRAIN+ is the way to go.

BRAIN+ is available now on Indiegogo. Get yours here


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