Specdrums: Play Music With Your Fingers By Turning Colors in Sounds

If I had to pick a favorite crowdfunding campaign for this year, Specdrums would be it. Introducing the very first app-connected rings that turn any color, from your pants to the bark on a tree, into sound. How does it work? Connect up to 10 rings at a time via the iOS/Android app then tap on your desired colors to play musical pitches and sounds wirelessly. Choose from a variety of sounds such as keyboards, synths, drums, or even utilize your own recordings and sound effects, to connect them to. In seconds, your environment becomes your sound machine.

What I love most about Specdrums is that they are fun for people of all ages and backgrounds, from classrooms and kids to professional musicians who would like a MIDI device that fits in their pocket. Although, I can’t help but imagine kids hilariously playing sounds behind their teachers backs. However, the campaign page explains that Specdrums are truly great for music education since they’re low-storage, low-budget, and incredibly easy to set up.

For those wondering if you can save your created beats, yes you can! Specdrums can be used to loop short musical snippets — “Sloops.” These consist of layered beats and melodies created using your different instruments and recordings within the app. Sloops can also be shared and downloaded by others, who too can contribute to them. As said on the campaign page, “this feature democratizes musical creation and creates a collaborative, welcoming musical experience. “

Furthermore, users can save their color schemes and connect Specdrums to other MIDI apps such as GarageBand or Ableton Live when connected to a laptop. The technology is also open source for those who wish to utilize Specdrums for their own creative ideas and applications.

Specdrums come in pairs of two and all backers will receive a dual micro-USB cable capable of charging both rings at once, 12-Color Specdrums keyboard, 3.5mm AUX cable, beginner’s guide, and Specdrums stickers. Their early-bird price is an affordable $29, but grab yours now because they’re going fast!

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