How to Download Youtube Videos and Music For Android With Maximum Speed

When it comes to downloading videos and music from Youtube, there are many options which have flooded the market. Some of them are freely available, while some are paid products. There is a third category as well: freemium products, which mixes the free version and the paid, more premium, version. In this article, we shall talk about one of the best Youtube and music downloaders currently available: the InsTube app.

A screenshot of the application

This application is totally free of cost and has a number of features which not even the most premium apps boast of. This means that you will never have to spend money on any paid products, most of which fleece its unwitting customers.

When we reviewed this application, we found out some great features which, we hope, you will enjoy too. Here are the best bits.

  1. Security and Privacy are on top of their minds. Like many other applications, we were not expecting too many features on this point. We were pleasantly surprised to find a secured site with all the features like secure transactions and other standard transactions, including cookies. This free video & music downloader for Android devices is certainly not letting anyone snoop on anyone else’s private details.
  2. Extremely fast downloading speeds. This is perhaps one big feature which many such apps promise but few deliver. This means that you will no longer have to wait for hours on end for that elusive video to stop buffering. Also, we expect that you will appreciate the fact that providing good download speed on a slow network is a feat not easily achieved. Which is why the InsTube application comes greatly recommended.
  3. Download Youtube videos free: Youtube videos are perhaps the best boon of a fast Internet connection. This essentially means that you will now be able to download all of your favorite content free of cost. Documentaries, videos, music videos, live concerts, anything you wish, you will be able to download using this new app.
  4. Most popular sites are supported: This is one great feature which we admire. This list includes Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LiveLeak, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Vine, and Vevo, the last of which holds the rights to most online music, especially on Youtube. Even niche sites like FunnorDie, PagalWorld, and 3gpmania are supported. Did you miss that video when Johnny Depp impersonated the POTUS, Donald Trump, when he starred in that mockumentary called “The art of the deal?’ Leave it to this free Youtube video download app to fetch it for you.
  5. Video lock feature: One extremely well-thought of feature which we would like to mention here, the video lock feature will essentially lock your private videos in an online vault which will render them invisible and impossible to access by any outsider. In short, you can use the InsTube application as your very own personal space protector.
  6. Fetch HD videos: HD videos are the only type of videos that most of us want nowadays. That being true, we are yet to come upon any great app which is good at fetching HD videos from any popular site. This is where this application comes into use. Not only will it give you get you great quality vids, you will also be able to download them in the smallest size possible. This means saying goodbye to those pesky microSD cards to increase the storage space on your smart device.
  7. Multiple resolutions supported: Multiple resolutions are supported. Multiple video formats are also delivered by this application.  By that, we mean MP3, MP4, 3GP and M4A formats. In fact, the highest supported video resolution is 1280 pixels. This means that you will no longer have to exchange the video quality for the file sizes.
  8. Free music file download: No need to install any third-party sites to convert your favorite music videos to the corresponding MP3 formats. Once you initiate the download process, you will have the option of either downloading the videos in various file formats and in various sizes or you can choose to automatically download it in the MP3 format. This will make the whole process much easier.
  9. Available n multiple hosting sites. This application’s file is available on many recommended third-party sites like Uptodown and This will make it easier to avoid any download malfunctions.
  10. 10 Easy to uninstall, in case you did not like it. This aspect is one ignored by multiple application developers. While the application, we believe, will not disappoint you, not everyone is alike. So, in case you did not enjoy the app, you are always welcome to uninstall it easily and quickly. It is thus a welcome effort from the developers.


Remember to download the application’s latest version. Latest versions are always more stable and are usually bug-free. Also, remember to watch this space for more such updates on useful applications. Bookmark the site’s social network pages for more timely updates.

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