Inovu I7 Launched at Rs. 349: One of the Most Affordable Feature Phones

Inovu has recently launched the most affordable and budget-range feature phone- the Inovu I7. This lesser-known mobile brand with its newly launched device has incorporated similar key specs as that of the previously launched Nokia 3310 that created a hype in the rumor mill (as mentioned right here). It seems that Inovy has come up with its Inovu I7 as a clone of Nokia’s 3310.

Inovu I7 Launched with an Affordable Price Tag

Inovu I7 Key Specs and Features

In terms of key specs, Inovu I7 reportedly comes with a 2G network support and thus cannot be used via the 4G SIM of Reliance Jio. The feature phone comes with a 1.44-inch black and white (monochrome) display alongside a torch LED light. Under the hood, Inovu I7 is packed with  32 MB of RAM alongside features 64 MB of storage. One may not find it interesting, the device doesn’t allow to use a microSD card slot. Other features also include the FM Radio connectivity especially incorporated for the music enthusiasts. Inovu I7 is backed by a 600mAh battery capacity. In addition to that, it supports both Hindi as well as English languages. In the design language, the  Inovu I7 flaunts large keys with comfortable typing. The rounded corners of the feature phone, certainly, complements Inovu I7’s appearance.

Inovu I7 Price and Availability

Earlier, Nokia fans enjoyed the limelight with the launch of one of the finest feature phones- the Nokia 2210. And after receiving this affordable feature phone, several phones were launched such as Lafee 3310, Darago 3310 priced at Rs. 600 and Rs. 799 respectively. Detel India also launched its Detel D1 with a price tag of  Rs. 299. The device (featuring a 1.44-inch monochrome display) is available only on the company’s website. Inovu I7, the lookalike of Nokia 3310, is available at Rs. 349 and is an exclusive on ShopClues.

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