Superhot and Superhot VR Will Roll Out on PS4 this Week

The first person shooter video game Superhot along with its standalone expansion Superhot VR is going to come on PlayStation 4 in the coming week. Until Sony’s announcement about the revelation of the game for PS4, the Superhot game was exclusively available for Windows PC and Xbox One console. But now the well-received game will be available for PS4 owners later this week.

Superhot finally Launches on PlayStation 4

As per Sony‘s announcement, the game is going to get unveiled tomorrow on 19th July 2017 in Europe, July 18 in Australia and for the US on Friday, July 21. For PlayStation 4, Superhot will be available along with Superhot VR, and each of the two games would be tagged with a price of $25 / £20 / AU $38. With plausible reports, gamers can get their hands on both as a double-pack offer, with a cost of US $40 / £33 / AU $60. However, pre-ordering it would exclude 20% from the original price until the ultimate release of the game.

According to developers Superhot Team, Superhot VR won’t be identical to its other formats as it has been reworked to fully support the new platform. The reworking of the game will have a direct impact to completely support PlayStation Move along with its standard DualShock controllers. Superhot fans would get the standard, standalone game, featuring trippy campaign alongside including additional extras which initially were rolled out for Xbox One and PC versions. In addition, there is the most lauded VR experience, Superhot VR that is finally getting unveiled for PSVR. These two VR are also available for PS3 but maximum PS3 gamers prefer playing through PS3 emulator than VR till now.

As per the game, it isn’t as complicated as one might think. Gamers are allowed to play in the first person in order to slice up enemies and punching them in melee combat, as well as gain ammo to shoot them. Published by Superhot Team and IMGN.PRO, Superhot is directed by Piotr Iwanicki and written by Cezary Skorupka. Let us now wait for PS4 owners to review the game after it releases for Sony’s console.

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