SWINGS is a Hybrid Analog Smartwatch with 2 Years of Battery Life

Now available on Kickstarter is SWINGS, a new hybrid analog smartwatch that combines Swiss analog with next generation digital components and features such as fitness, sleep tracking, and much more.  

Most smartwatches today are created with 3 gyroscopes to provide tracking results. SWINGS takes this to a new level with 9 gyroscopes for 3x the accuracy. Users can track their steps and calorie burns with reminders to move when they’ve been sedentary for too long. They can also track quality of sleep.

One of SWINGS best features is its battery life. While there have been smartwatches that can last up to 30 days, SWINGS will actually go for 18 months of continuous use, and 24 months of regular use. Of course, the only downfall with SWINGS is that the watch must be taken to a watch specialist or jeweler to have the battery changed. However, if you have to do this every 2 years, I’d say it’s worth the extra convenience of never having to take it off and plug it in.

SWINGS is made from high-quality 316L stainless steel that stands up to rough conditions, including water. Other competitors are IPX6 waterproof rated, which means these watch can get wet. SWINGS’ IPX8 waterproof rating, however, allows SWINGS to dive over 300 feet and still work.

Of course, SWINGS comes with it’s own app where users can track their daily statistics and also connect their phone via Bluetooth. Once connected, users can control certain phone functions on their watch such as music control (stop, play, volume, change tracks), alarms, call notifications, and camera control.

“After years of meticulous, iterative R&D, we’ve been able to create the world’s best smartwatch,” says Founder, Meijuan Dai. “ What other smartwatch is powered for 2 years at a time, is IPX8 waterproof rated, and tracks both fitness and sleep? I’m overjoyed to finally bring this product to market and share what we’ve made with the world.”

SWINGS is available in multiple styles for both men and women with the choice of body & face, as well as the band.

Get yours here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/858167610/swings-worlds-first-smartwatch-with-2-year-battery


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