Toshiba Announces A Range of Alexa-enabled TVs at IFA 2017

One of the busiest laptop and television manufacturers, Toshiba has just announced a new range of TVs at the ongoing IFA Berlin. And much to the knowledge of fans, the new TV series are equipped with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. There’s no doubt on increasing popularity of AI-enabled voice assistants starting from Apple’s smart and intelligent Siri to Samsung’s Bixby, to Google Assistant. Now with the inclusion of Amazon’s Alexa to its unique range of TVs, Toshiba has done an excellent job (undoubtedly).

Toshiba Unveils a New Range of TVs

The range of TVs features a display size between 43 and 75 inches and boasts a 4K resolution with built-in upscaling. By this feature, one may enjoy the low-quality videos with much clarity. Using the Alexa app, the upcoming Toshiba’s Alexa-enabled TVs can integrate with smartphones. Toshiba‘s TVs also feature a smart TV OS which is efficient enough to download apps from the Opera TV Store. The most versatile feature to come for consumer sale is the TVs are made to hang flush on the wall.

As per the reports, the model featuring 65-inch screen display size comes with an OLED panel instead of a backlight, thereby lighting up individual pixels. This panel is capable enough of showing approximately 99 percent of the color space. It also boasts a feature emulating HDR in non-HDR content dubbed as- the Hybrid Log Gamma.

Other beautiful OLED TVs that Toshiba announced comes with Dolby HDR10. The two models flaunt 65 and 55 inches of screen size respectively. On the color-reproduction front, it’s the same as the wall art concept featuring up to 99 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut and 1,024 shades per color.

Toshiba’s Alexa TV range is set to be available for users by the fall of 2017. In the pricing language, one may get their hands on the new range of TVs with a price tag of 399 Euros (approx Rs. 30,000).

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