SanDisk Unveils World’s Largest Capacity microSD Card With 400GB Storage

SanDisk has unveiled the world’s largest capacity microSD card with 400 GB of internal storage capacity. SanDisk is known for manufacturing record breaking devices, as we have previously reported. In 2016, SanDisk was among the first companies to launch a USB Type C flash drive. Now, with the 400GB microSD card, the company expects that sales figures will improve dramatically.

The fact is that while there are certain devices which are touted to have a storage capacity of 2TB, there were no microSD cards which could support that much memory. In fact, there was no 1TB microSD card either, nor was there a 512GB one. The largest capacity microSD card that was available was 256GB. SanDisk’s new offering changes that equation.

The new SanDisk microSD card

The features of the new SanDisk microSD card are very impressive. It boasts of a read speed which is rated to up to 100MB/S. While the write speeds are comparatively slower, the speeds are still good enough to let you transfer a humongous 4.1GB of photos while using a USB 3.0 card reader in just about a minute. Such speeds are unheard of, given the fact that it takes more time to transfer fragmented files like photographs. Bigger files can be transferred with such speed but only if they are in one piece.

The new SanDisk microSD card has been rated A1: this means that you will now be able to load all of your apps much faster provided you are using adaptable storage on your Android device. It is also rated Class 10 and has a U1 rating.  So, you can now shoot Full HD videos and also be able to take high-resolution images on the storage device.

SanDisk has stated that this new microSD card will set you back by $249.99. There is no data on when the new SanDisk microSD card will release.

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