iOS 11.0.3 Update Rolled Out by Apple for iPhones, iPads, and iPods

Apple has decided to roll out the all-new iOS 11 11.0.3 update for all the compatible iPhones, iPads, and iPods. This means that all iPhones starting from the iPhone 5s will be able to upgrade to the newer version of the OS. The newer version of the OS will also let the users enjoy all the latest features. Several bugs have been fixed and some issues have been sorted.

Among other issues, the new iOS 11 11.0.3 update will also fix the iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus issues where the audio and the haptic feedback was not responding. Some touch issues in the Apple iPhone 6s has now been fixed. Some other miscellaneous bug fixes are also on the menu.

The size of the latest update is 276.3 MB. It is also obviously available for the latest iPhone 8 series of devices. It is also available on the 5th Gen iPad or newer devices, besides the iPod touch 6th Gen. In case you missed it, you can always check if your Apple device is eligible for the upgrade. Go to Settings> General > Software Update and check for the update. Some users had reported that the earlier iOS 11 update made the battery drain out a little bit faster. This has also been fixed. A few reported Exchange server issues have also been dealt with. The update also suggests that the unresponsive issue in the Apple iPhone 6s was because the devices had not been serviced with genuine Apple spares.

Apple iOS 11.0.3
The new iOS 11 variant

Meanwhile, the latest data suggests that the latest iOS 11 is now present on 25.28% of all of the iOS devices since the public release last week. The same study by Mixpanel also states that the iOS 10 runs on 67.83 percent of devices, while 6.89 percent of the total users continue with an earlier version of iOS. It is true that the iOS 11 conversion rates are lesser than the iOS 10, which released last year. An estimated 64 percent of the users had made the jump to the iOS 10 by this time in 2016.

Apple has sanctioned hundreds of new emojis for the iPhone and iPad devices. These came with the iOS 11.1 update. The new emojis include Woman with Headscarf, a Bearded Person, Breastfeeding emojis, a Zombie, and a Person in Lotus Position. Some new food items, including a Sandwich and a Coconut, have also been added. The iOS 11.1 will also incorporate the Love-You Gesture; it has been designed keeping in mind the “I love you” hand sign in modern American Sign Language.

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