MOBICASE: the Ergonomic Laptop Case That Let’s You Set up Anywhere in Seconds

As someone who is regularly on-the-go and traveling with my laptop, I’ll admit, it’s not always easy to find a place to set up. If I’m on the bus or on a train without some kind of tray, just forget about it. Fortunately for me and other mobile-working individuals, a new laptop case hit Kickstarter this week that promises to solve this problem and much more.

MOBICASE is ultimate mobile laptop case that gives you unhindered access to everything you need, whenever you need it.

On the outside, MOBICASE is attractive yet durable with a splash-proof, high-density EVA rubber shell and DWR coated water-resistant dark gray premium 600D fabric. Whether carrying by hand or over-the-shoulder, MOBICASE also has padded handles and an internally padded 2-inch shoulder strap with dual adjustment. Within the case is another compression molded EVA interior sleeve — and this is where all the magic happens.

MOBICASE isn’t just another laptop case with a bunch of cool pockets; it actually allows you to set up your workspace anywhere in seconds. Built inside MOBICASE is an ergonomic laptop stand, which is feather-lite and adjustable up to 8 inches. If you do happen to grab a desk somewhere remote, you won’t have to worry about back strain or poor posture. The stand also provides maximum airflow no matter if your laptop is raised or lowered — so no overheating either.

“As the trend towards mobile working continues, we’re seeing workers spending more and more hours hunched over their laptops in cafes, libraries, co-working hubs and airport lounges, adding unnecessary strain to their backs and necks and putting them at risk of injuries and back pain,” says Managing Director Tim McKenzie, “At the same time, we hear people being frustrated at their inability to find well-designed products that manage their work & personal gear and suit their mobile lifestyle. This is why we’ve created the MOBICASE, to help people stay organised and work effectively, without damaging their back/neck, no matter where their work takes them.”

For all your personal belongings and electronics, MOBICASE also has plenty of space. For tablet devices, there is a sleeve which doubles as an A4/Letter document storage compartment. There is also an organizer panel for quick access to essentials, a quick-stash compartment for a charger with a dedicated wireless keyboard holder, and self-closing mesh pockets for a wireless mouse and other accessories.

MOBICASE is available for pre-sale on Kickstarter. Get yours here.



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