Polly Initiates Next Step in Enterprise Messaging with New Slack Features

Polly, an internationally popular enterprise Slack app, has released a new set of features this month in collaboration with Slack’s new functionality.

While working together at Microsoft, Polly’s founders Samir Diwan and Bilal Aijazi concluded that surveys, the way most companies gather information from their teams, are flawed. Surveys are often too complicated and feel like more of an invasive burden on team members than a means to give insightful feedback.

Leveraging Slack’s new form creation functions, also know as “Dialogs,” Polly has introduced enhanced UX features and new tools for a fully-interactive survey experience. This includes a library of popular Polly survey templates available to thousands of companies as well as new commenting and editing options for survey users and analyzers. Polly’s polls feel just like regular communications, occurring in spaces where team members are already working, and allows them to give feedback quickly and easily so they can return to important business.

“We’re shifting the way that traditional polling and survey tools are done, by building a fully immersive, interactive, and simple experience in Slack,” says Samir Diwan, Founder & CEO. “Enterprise messaging is the foreseeable future of team communication and productivity, and it’s integral that we are at the forefront of the technological innovation.”

Along with Polly’s new features, they have launched an updated and streamlined website and web app.



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