SOL Organics Redefines Fair Trade and Brings Affordable Luxury Sheets & Bedding to Everyone

In 2012, Vishal Naithani was sharing a cup of tea with his family friend, Ms. Shiva, when they landed on the subject of farming and the inequalities many farms posed to women in India. It was then Vishal decided to visit some of these farms and what he found was the gut-wrenching and heartbreaking reality that exists.

I saw first hand how Conventional cotton has devastating effects on families in india. From suicide, to child labor abuse and long term devastation to the environment,” said Vishal.

According to the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), “six of the world’s top seven cotton producers have been reported to use children” as their workers in the field.” These children will undergo brutal abuse and are exposed to extremely harsh conditions and chemicals for little to no pay.

This is why Vishal Naithani and his friend Sachin Chauhan launched Sustained Organic Living (SOL Organics) in 2016. Their company now sells some of the most luxuriously comfortable organic sheets and bedding at a price more affordable than any competitor while using only Fair Trade Certified™ 100% organic, non-GMO and eco-friendly long-staple cotton. But it was no easy feat.

“[It] was an arduous journey…finding the right community growing organic cotton – to the ginner – to the yarn marker – to the weaver,” Vishal explained. “We often think about the last mile in retail. We believe the impact takes place at the first mile.”

Even after finding the right communities, Vishal and Sachin did not stop there. They also wanted to make their products affordable. Besides selling online directly to consumers, SOL Organics has developed what they call their “Fair Price Model.” While convention retail takes all inputs — shipping, duties, plus markups — SOL Organics refuses to inflate the premium through the sales chains. This means no markup on the premium, the freight and the duty, and their profit is strictly on the first cost of the goods. To Vishal and Sachin, the premium is a small price to pay in return for a huge impact, and they’re committed to keeping it that way. This holistic approach creates an ecosystem where everyone wins: the farmer, the consumer, and the Earth.

“Economic and Social Justice are prevalent on both sides of the supply chain. The Farmers and The Customers. It is our company’s responsibility to make them both a priority because, without them, we do not exist,” said Vishal. “The goal of Sol Organics is to bring long lasting affecting change. We are a People first organisation and will continue to be so.”

SOL Organics practices their beliefs in all aspects. They also practice water conservation by using rain-fed irrigation systems and eco-friendly, low-impact water-based dyes. Everything about their bedding is ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

While SOL Organics currently focuses on bedding, they plan to expand to organic flannel, organic comforters, and an ultra luxury affordable line of organic children’s clothing.

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