Nokia Steel HR Pre-orders Starts, will be Delivered Next Month

After Withings Steel HR smartwatch launched last year; this year Withings has collaborated with Nokia Health and is set to relaunch the Steel HR has been as a Nokia device. As per the company statement, the shipments of the pre-ordered units will begin in the next month. Nokia owned Withings, a French health and fitness technology firm in June 2016 that unveiled The Steel HR smartwatch in September 2016, during the IFA tech trade show.

The Pre-orders of Nokia Steel HR Begins

Just before the release, the features of the new smartwatch have come to us. The Nokia Steel HR is a hybrid device, which possesses capabilities of a smartwatch, but technically it is an analog watch. The best part is there is a heart rate tracker and it features a small digital screen inside its round dial that displays all the notifications and health data. This watch is perfect to track various kinds of activities like walking, running, swimming, sleeping etc. this promises a battery life of up to 25 days which is impressive compared to the other smartwatches like Apple Watch and timepieces running on Android Wear 2.0. Most importantly as the name suggests it is made up of steel and deliver water resistance of up to 50 meters. It comes in color choices like Black or White and users can choose from options such as leather, silicone and woven wristbands.

This watch comes with two variants and the price comes accordingly. Where the 36mm Steel HR is priced at $179.95, the 40mm variant carries a pricing of $199.95. The pre-order has been started as that can be the best for the eager buyers as then they will get the Nokia Steel HR as early as December.

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