Real-Time Translation Device, LeTrans, Puts a World of Communication in Your Back Pocket

Launched today on Indiegogo is LeTrans, a new translation device to hit that market that puts a world of communication in the back of your pocket.

LeTrans offers 97% real-time accuracy of 20 of the world’s most commonly used languages. This includes translation for voice, text, as well as images. According to the LeTrans team, no other translation device on the market competes.

LeTrans works by uploading the real-time recording to its dedicated cloud database servers via the user’s smart device or directly onto the 4G SIM card. The translation comes back within 1-2 seconds. And, since LeTrans physically splits into two pieces, there is no need to share earpieces or pass the device around.

LeTrans is not limited to tourists, however. CEO Felix Cheng explains that it was built with “lifestyles” in mind, and that LeTrans can be a huge asset to international business. LeTrans can pair with us to 10 devices simultaneously and supports WiFi and Bluetooth, so multi-lingual company meetings are simpler than ever.

“We want to bridge the language gap, and make conversation flow easier in life and business,” says Cheng. “LeTrans is just the beginning, with additional languages and features, we want to build a community of travellers who are not held back by any language issues”

LeTrans can be pre-ordered on the Indiegogo campaign for an early-bird price of $189 and comes in black, silver, and pink.

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