Samsung to Introduce Bixby-Powered Smart Speaker in 2018

Apparently, Samsung is planning to enter the smart speaker market come next year. This means that the enormous South Korean giant will now face off against the likes of the Amazon Home Speakers and some other comparable speakers. Google and Apple are also part of this market. Bixby, which is Samsung’s native AI-based digital assistant, will power these devices.

Samsung has earlier launched its Bixby-supported Bluetooth headphones. Bixby has been highly appreciated by many noted experts; however, this does not mean that all is rosy. For example, Bixby still does not support all the languages as of now. Samsung has plans to better the audio quality and it will also focus on the management of connected home appliances including devices like lights and locks. The smart speaker will hence be controlled by Bixby and Bixby will have to perform rather strongly if it has to beat the likes of the Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. It will also synchronize with your TVs, besides obvious ones like Galaxy smartphones and other assorted Samsung devices.

Samsung Bixby smart speaker
Will this be the Samsung smart speaker form?

Samsung has also promised to keep the price on the lower side in order to make sure that most customers can join the smart speaker bandwagon. It will be released in early 2018 not only in its home country of South Korea but will also make landfall in the US. A price tag of $200 (or approximately Rs. 12,830) is not out of the question at this moment.

A recently spotted device under the Samsung Smart Speaker range had the size between the Amazon’s latest Echo and Apple’s HomePod, which means that it will not be too small. While the early prototype we saw in action had a Matte Black color, the finished products are destined to come in a variety of colors. Exactly what they will be is something that only time will tell.

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