Samsung May Introduce Palm Line Recognition Feature Soon

Samsung, being one of the formidable smartphone manufacturers is also famous for introducing some of the world new technologies ways before the others can opt those. After Irish recognition and face detection technologies, Samsung is appearing for another new biometric technology that will enable the rear camera to read the lines of our palm! 

Yes, if you have forgotten the password of your smartphone by any chance then reading your palm lines the device will give you some clues so that you can recover your password.  In a link to a new patent filed by Samsung in the World intellectual property organization, the new rumor is appeared to be true. What the new palm reading or recognition technology is and what exactly it will do if implemented in the next Samsung smartphone lines.

Samsung Galaxy S9
Palm recognition may come in upcoming S9

This may appear as a strange thing to try as there’re plenty of options to recover the forgotten password in a clinch, then what is the necessity that compels Samsung to innovate something like this.

This technology is an additional level of security and nothing else. It won’t help in locking or unlocking the device and neither to authenticate Samsung pay. We are not sure whether we can see a preliminary form of this in the Galaxy S9 or S9+ that are expected to be launched in Consumer Electronics Show in January 2018.

So, in a line, this thing will be used in resetting the password only, otherwise, it has no use till now as per the filed patent. Many tech experts have given some conclusions like fingerprint and Irish scanning features may be abolished with the introduction of this new palm-reading technology, but for us, it will be an added feature and ot won’t make any of these above mentioned existing features disappeared. Stay tuned and stay updated. 

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