Twitter to Start Supporting 2 Factor Authentication Without Sending SMS

Twitter, the world’s largest microblogging platform, has introduced some latest security features. As most of the users know, this company takes its security issues very seriously. The company has always been at the forefront of the technological boundaries, like when it launched a battle against fake news. Now, with the 2 Factor Authentication system improved, the security concerns of many users have once again been addressed.

Since it first began operations, the company has used the 2 Factor Authentication or 2FA method to ensure that the person logging in is actually who he says he is. The second one of the two-factor authentication is sent through SMS. From now on, the SMS will not be sent, which will mean that the hackers will not be able to hack into the accounts of the users themselves. Twitter has said the same thing on their own official website as well.

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Twitter has also announced that it will soon start the support of the third-party apps which help in account authentication. This will be along the lines of the likes of the Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile, Authy, or even other, similar apps can now be used. Basically, they vary from the SMS method in the fact that they work by generating quick and only one-time-use use codes which will then disappear automatically after 30 seconds.

Twitter has always been on the razor’s edge as far as technological practicalities are concerned. While this might mean that their rules must change more often than the usual norm is. This will also mean that the chances of getting hacked and the personal data intercepted by unnatural elements will now significantly be lower, which is a great thing. Thanks to the tweaking of the 2FA method, the users will now be even safer than they used to be. Stay tuned for more updates.

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