6 SEO mistakes you never knew you were making

When people are looking to find information online, they can find relevant results by using search engines to make the search. Digital marketers have discovered that for their sites to appear at the top of the first page on a search engine, they have to implement the best SEO strategies. Failing to incorporate SEO strategies in your site could easily break it. You, however, have to keep in mind that SEO practices keep changing as Google’s algorithm is updated. Therefore, you have to implement the best practices to avoid making simple SEO mistakes. You can log into https://serpbook.com to check for your site’s rankings when you employ the best strategies. However, not all marketers carry out the best practices, and here are 6 common SEO mistakes that people make.

1.  Failing to invest in keyword research

Search engines usually look at keywords when they are ranking sites; therefore, one of the SEO mistakes that people make is not investing their time in keyword research. Search engines are getting smarter by the day, and if you don’t use the right keywords, your site will not get a good ranking. You can use tools such as Google Keyword Planner to find the most relevant keywords in your field, as well as those that have a higher ranking. The right keywords are a vital part of your SEO marketing success.

2. Not optimizing your website for mobile

Another common SEO mistake that marketers make is failing to optimize their sites for mobile. Why is this critical? Google found out that majority of the searches today are done more on mobile devices than desktop computers. In fact, Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites. If you don’t optimize your site for mobile, Google will not prioritize your site when it is ranking, causing a decline in visibility and traffic. Therefore, when you are creating your site, ensure that users can view your pages on mobile devices.

3. Having a slow site load speed

The load speed of a site is a critical factor in SEO rankings. Google intends to provide web users with the best experience, and a site that takes five minutes to load can never be prioritized over one that takes less than three seconds to load. Furthermore, no visitor is willing to spend a significant amount of time waiting for a site to load. Slow load speeds will affect your conversion rates because your site hardly gets any traffic. You could solve this by removing non-essential elements that slow down your pages.

4. Having duplicate content

In SEO, duplicate content is similar content appearing in more than one page in your site. Having duplicate content is a common mistake that digital marketers make, and it negatively affects a site’s rankings. There are different types of duplicate content, and having it on your site will not be good for your Search Engine Optimization efforts. You can use various tools to solve this problem. It is imperative to solve it as soon as you can. Otherwise, your site will hardly get any traffic.

5. Not updating your site’s SEO

You have to know that Google’s algorithm keeps getting updated. Therefore, if you fail to update your SEO after you created it, you might not rank well in search engines. That notwithstanding, the best SEO practices keep changing, and your competition keeps improving their strategies. Therefore, even if you ranked at the top of the first page, you should not expect to maintain the same position if you don’t update your SEO practices. You should optimize your site in regard to keywords, title tags, and Meta descriptions among others. This will help Google bots to optimize your site.

6. Failing to check your site’s performance and analytics

Another grave mistake that marketers make is not regularly checking a site’s performance and analytics. Over time, a site may experience errors such as broken links and slow load speeds. If you don’t use analytical tools to check on your site’s performance, its rankings may decline. There are numerous tools that you could use to solve different errors.


Any site requires to be monitored frequently so that you can avoid mistakes that could affect your rankings. Some of the common SEO mistakes are listed in this article, but they are easily avoidable. The right SEO strategy helps to increase your rankings and traffic, and you could attain this by avoiding such mistakes.

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