HTC 10’s Android 8.0 Oreo Update Canceled Suddenly

In a surprising move, the Android Oreo update for the HTC 10 has been suddenly canceled. We had reported two days ago how the HTC 10, the flagship of 2016, had started receiving the Android Oreo 8.0 update. Now, the Taiwanese giant has suddenly canceled the update. The update originally released in the form of the original RUU package has also now been taken down.

Should you reach the download page now, you will probably be faced with the error 404 message. In addition, the press outlet XDA Developer has also reported that the update was not made available as an OTA rollout and also that the users are yet to receive any push notification for such release.

HTC 10
The HTC 10 yet to get the Oreo taste

There have also been some speculation that the only users who have been able to access the update are those who have paid money for the Sunshine S-OFF ( which is a bootloader unlock/s-off tool). Using this, the users extracted the firmware from the RUU by themselves and flashed the firmware by their own. We spotted a lot of confusion on the forums and the Sunshine S-OFF may also cause several serious issues with the handset, and is thus not recommended.

A lot of users have also reported battery issues after the update was completed. Overall, HTC has pulled down the HTC 10’s Oreo RUU download as well as the update page. Whether it will be back up again is something that only time will tell.

As the readers will know, the HTC 10 was originally launched with Android 6.0 Marshmallow onboard. The handset was later updated to the Android 7.0 Nougat in February of 2017 with the Taiwanese manufacturer promising that the arrival of the latest Android Oreo update would be in August 2017. Clearly, HTC had overestimated its technological prowess.

Incidentally, the Xiaomi Mi A1 too has recently stopped receiving the update owing to some bugs, as we have reported. It now seems to be HTC’s turn.

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