Differio Just Made Buying Men’s Clothes Online Easier

 If you’re one of many men that buy stylish menswear online, your life is about to get easier. Popular for their men’s designer clothes online, Differio recently made user-friendly improvements to their search tool, boosting their site’s usability.

Steadily growing as a leader among trendy men’s clothing online, Differio has been making waves in ecommerce with innovative marketing strategies and edgy clothing styles. Launched in 2014, they’re one of the latest trendy clothing websites selling a unique range of streetwear apparel, accessories, and shoes by international independent brands.

In order to maintain their competitive edge against other online clothing shopping sites, Differio is constantly updating their ecommerce platform to match their customer’s expectations. Their most recent ecommerce update is adding a search tool that allows browsers to explore hundreds of items by price, size, color and category.

Smartphone users can access this tool by simply scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the desired links. On Macs and PCs, the search tool is displayed to the left of the product page.

One of the most important factors in online retail is making the customer browsing and checkout experience easy and seamless, especially for mobile users. Reportedly, about 75% of Differio’s shoppers place their orders through their mobile phones, making it imperative for them to create a smooth mobile experience.

Exclusively online only, they have an advantage against a number of men’s fashion retailers struggling to juggle traffic between their brick-and-mortar stores and online platform. Moreover, they’re continuing to expand their brand by creating serious buzz across their social media platforms, which plays a role in improving organic site traffic.

By simply keeping up with online trends by improving their browser, Differio is on track towards becoming one of the best online clothing stores for men looking to boost their wardrobe game.

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