Apple Ditches Beats, Developing AirPod’s Bigger Sibling Under its Brand Name

When it comes to Apple, it is the only brand which keeps on appearing in the rumor mill quite often. Lately this morning, we have gathered all predictions and anticipations about the upcoming Apple’s iPad models which the company registered as ‘tablets’. And now, the rumor mill bestows another gadget from the house of Apple. For all music enthusiasts, while AirPods don’t happen to be the best option for the audiophiles, they sure have created a stir in the industry which have been sold like hot cakes. The company due to the massive popularity has now decided to expand audio gear portfolio but only under its own brand name. The latest report from KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, echoes the fact that Apple has decided to ditch Beats in order manufacture it in-house over-ear headphones.

Apple to Ditch Beats and Manufacture AirPod’s Bigger Sibling

Although we are ahead of other details about the wearable, Apple reportedly is focusing on high-end audio, which hopefully means the balanced audio and not the Beats’ high bass audio. These would be wireless and will also possibly incorporate AirPods wireless chip, reports Gizbot. In addition to this, one may also rely on Siri’s voice. Sources claim that the headphones will ship by the end of the fourth quarter of 2018.

Apple also is working on a new tool which is set to introduce with the upcoming iOS 12 which is slated to launch this fall. The new tool will also be capable enough of fighting iPad and iPhone addiction among children along with that it will come with a host of new features. Reports indicate that Apple’s forthcoming iOS 12 operating systems will bring a new tool touted as the Digital Health, which will enable parents to monitor the time their children spend on the iPad or iPhone.

Apart from the Digital Health tool, the Animojis for iPhone X users will witness improvements with the advent of iOS  12. The update will also be capable of fixing some issues. Also, it would run certain iOS apps like the Home app. The third-party apps, interestingly, will be able to function across iPads, iPhones, and even Mac computers.

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