Future Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series May Feature Under-screen Fingerprint Scanner and Bezel-less Display

The South Korean tech giant Samsung is making last minute preparations now to launch the latest version of the Galaxy S series of devices, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus at the MWC 2018. But it has also been revealed that Samsung has also started preparations to upgrade its future smartphones, especially the Galaxy S and Note series with new features.

According to a patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the future devices of the Galaxy S series as well as the Note series may feature display screens without bezels and may also feature the fingerprint sensor under the screen.

The leaked images of bezel-less display feature of future Galaxy devices. Courtesy-Lets Go Digital

As per the information on the patent found by Lets Go Digital, which is in Korean, future smartphones of Samsung will come with bezel-less screens and also feature the fingerprint scanner just under the screen instead of the odd location, at the rear of the device. Apparently, some images have also been revealed which confirms these likely changes to the future smartphones of Samsung.

The patent, which has been titled as “Electronic apparatus employing full front screen” has also revealed the presence of a new pressure sensor just under the display on the front side of the phone. This pressure sensor may be just like the 3D Touch technology that is being used by Apple for its flagship iPhone devices. The patent has already been approved by WIPO on February 8, 2018, implying that these new features are likely to be rolled out with the next generation of Samsung Galaxy devices.

Samsung has also stated that this particular pressure-sensor technology is compatible with LCD, LED and OLED display panels. This may imply that Samsung is likely to bring more variants for its display panels, instead of just using AMOLED panels for its smartphones.

Nothing has been confirmed about when the company may start to implement these changes but we are expecting it to be soon as Samsung is due to celebrate its 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series next year.

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