Panasonic Launches LUMIX GH5S 4K Video Camera in India for Rs 1,84,990

Panasonic India has launched the Lumix GH5S video camera in India yesterday. It is the world first high precision 4K video recording camera, specially built for low light environments.


The camera features 5EV luminance detection along with low light autofocus technology that enables the users to capture 4K full HD videos even in low-light scenarios like in cinema theatres.

 “With broadcast and digital mediums evolving at a fast rate globally, there is a huge demand for high-resolution videos that are richer, crisper and deliver exceptional quality under low-light conditions. The robustly built GH5S caters to such specific demands of professional cinematographers and videographers, alike,” said the Director – Imaging Business, Panasonic Corporation Yosuke Yamane, during the launch event that was held yesterday.

It is also powered by a  “Live View Boost”  feature that would enable you to check out the videos you have just recorded even in complete darkness by boosting the light ambiance using this latest technology. In other words it a state of the art video camera using the latest technology to provide the users the best experience while using the device.

It also features a newly developed 10.2 megapixel  “Digital MOS Sensor” with the latest “Dual Native ISO Technology” and also “Venus Engine 10” that can reproduce even the dark parts of an image very clearly, meaning users may record videos in conditions where extra lighting is not possible and then reproduce those videos using the Dual Native ISO technology.

The Panasonic GH5S is also supplemented with a “Variable Frame Rate Effect” (VFR) that allows the users to record slow motion and also time-lapse videos at 60FPS and 240FPS.

The camera features a magnesium alloy cast front,  rear, and top frames and is also dust, water, and freeze-proof up to temperatures as low as -10 degree Celsius.

The Panasonic GH5S has been priced at Rs 1,84,990 and is currently available at all the Panasonic brand stores and some camera retailers throughout India.

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