SoundBot Launches New Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Rs 6,990 With QUADIO Technology

SoundBot is currently one of the largest and the most renowned speaker and sound devices manufacturing companies in the world. Based out of California, the company recently unveiled its new portable speakers with Bluetooth. The device has the model number SB571PRO and boasts an improvement over existing Bluetooth speaker technology. Essentially, this is a surround-sound Bluetooth speaker with built-in QUADIO technology that has two speakers which will work simultaneously with the master/slave mode and simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity.

SoundBot has previously released a wireless Bluetooth speaker in the SB series that we had covered earlier. The master/slave mode is designed to make the speakers pair up with each other and also your Bluetooth smart device, all of which combine to deliver the surround sound experience.

Both the speakers have similar specs and features. These speakers are rated at 10W each and are capable of delivering a rich sound across a diverse spectrum. SoundBot has also claimed that these new speakers with their 5W+5W watt HD acoustic loudspeakers that also have 2 premium 50mm drivers are better able to reproduce better and more potent bass and are also able to deliver a better listening experience.

SoundBot SB571PRO
The new SoundBot SB571PRO Bluetooth speakers

The new SoundBot SB571PRO also comes with the ability to pair with any given Bluetooth device. The smart intuitive technology that aids in the pairing also helps the users get instant access to their devices in under 3 seconds.

The portable speaker boasts of a range or rather a remote distance playing capability of a superb 33 feet. Onboard is a built-in 2500mAh high capacity rechargeable battery which also offers up to 10 hours of playtime. This playtime can be had with either a wired or a wireless connection. As far as the dimensions of the speaker are concerned, they are 7.36×2.64×2.64 inches.

These new SoundBot devices are available for Rs 6,990 and come with a water and shock resistant case to ensure the users. Overall, we feel that the device is a bit overpriced.

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