Whatsapp Launches Group Description Feature for Android with Messenger-like Stickers on the Cards

Whatsapp, which is one of the most popular messenger apps in the world right now has recently launched a new group description feature. The new feature is presently available to the Android users only with a rollout for other users likely soon. The feature was first spotted in a beta version that was rolled out a few days ago for Windows phone users.


This new features would enable the users to add a description of the group along with its name just like on Facebook. The description can be found under “Group Info”  and it is at the sole discretion of group administrators to allow a user of the group to add a group description.

Also according to the latest beta update of Whatsapp for Windows Phone, a new feature that will enable users to send stickers to each other like in Facebook messenger would be introduced very soon. This new feature is also likely to be rolled out for Android users first followed by the users. This is probably due to the vast majority of Android users compared to the Windows and iOS users.

The latest Whatsapp beta version for Windows phone has also revealed that the users would receive a heart-like symbol when someone sends a sticker. The new stickers for Whatsapp were first spotted on a beta version for Android that was released some days ago. The sticker packs are said to be similar to that used in Facebook and users would be able to use the downloaded stickers for Facebook on Whatsapp as well.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone users would be able to use the live location feature of Whatsapp soon. The feature was first rolled out in October last year for Android and iOS users. This feature allows users to share their live location in Whatsapp groups and personal conversations. The recipient can also track your current location for a preset amount of time through Whatsapp. This time can be adjusted by the sender of the live location information and would automatically stop after completion.

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