Your guide to buy the most amazing Wi-Fi doorbells

Have you heard about the smart doorbells? If you haven’t, then this article is going to help you a lot, if you have, then it sure will add some more information to your previous knowledge.

So what is this smart doorbell?

As far as the smart doorbells or the Wi-Fi doorbells are concerned, they look like the most amazing invention ever to cater those problems that concern someone telling you that you are guilty for not answering the bell when they called. The smart doorbells or the Wi-Fi doorbells are the ones that are also known as the connected doorbells and they are connected to you all the time via your smart phone for real.

Why you need this smart doorbell at all?

Still wondering why you need to have the smart doorbell at home? Well it is your answer to the problem of never getting the door answered in your absence. With the help of this smart doorbell, none of your deliveries would go unattended. Via the video footage coming live to your phone, you can now know who is at your door and with the facility of the two way audio chat, you have the chance to communicate with the\ person at the door easily. If it is some delivery, you can instruct the delivery person to “place the parcel in the garage or beside the door” and you can get home and take it easily.

Another very important role that the doorbell plays is that it tells you who is at the door when you are inside the house. You can see the person and then if you suspect him/her, you can call for help quickly before the other person gets a chance to make his move. Many a times, the burglars just scoot away when they find a video doorbell since they know they are being seen and recorded so they seldom come to the properties with such doorbells.

The benefit that the video doorbell gives you apart from the rest is that you don’t need to leave the bed or sofa just to answer the doorbell.

A guide to buy the best Wi-Fi doorbells

If you have made up your mind to get a doorbell for your home and you are looking for your options for the 5 best rated Wi-Fi Doorbells, then here we are to tell you about them and tell you what you should be looking for in a bell when you are out to buy.

  • Consider the connections

For this you are going to check whether the doorbell is battery operated or take the input directly from the connections wired in. if so, the bell is the best suited for you as it is going to save you the trouble of changing the batteries over and over again.

  • Check for the storage options

Next you will have to check the storage options that this doorbell is offering. If it only supports the internal memory storage then it would not be advisable for you as you will have to keep changing the SD card again and again. If it only supports the cloud storage, it is still a good option but if it has both the kind of storages, then it is the best suited for you and you should go for it as quickly as you can.

  • Check for convenience

If you are buying the doorbell, you must understand that it would be the visitors who are going to use it more than you so the bell must be easy to use not only for you but also for the people coming at your door. It should be simple to operate and if you want to chat back on the bell, the other person should find it simpler and easier to communicate with you. It the visitor has to learn all the new science of the doorbell just to ring it, it’s not your thing really.

  • Capable to smart door lock

If your doorbell is capable of getting paired up with the smart door lock as well, then it is really huge, this way you can allow the visitors to enter the house when you are away from home.

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