Samsung Galaxy S9’s Camera beats Google Pixel 2 with Record DxOMark Score

Samsung had promised a much better camera experience with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ flagship devices that were unveiled just ahead of the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) global event in Barcelona. Samsung has never disappointed us in the optic department of its flagship devices over the years, but expectations were high with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ because of the latest redesigned camera setup of the iPhone X.


Now as per reports, well-known camera review website DxOMark recently tested the cameras of the Galaxy S9+ and gave it an overall score of 99. With is, the Galaxy S9+ has become the highest scoring smartphone and has shattered the record set by Google Pixel 2 that had a score of 98.

The Galaxy S9+ has even got past the iPhone X which had a score of 97 and the Galaxy Note 8 that had 94. DxOMark has also reported that the cameras of Galaxy S9+ have performed exceptionally well in the tests it was put through (both photos and videos) and has no apparent weaknesses. While the phone had scored a record-setting 104 in the photos test, it scored 91 in the videography test, with scope for further improvements.

The DxOMark website has reported that the Galaxy S9+ clicks great photos in bright and sunny conditions with a wide dynamic range and vivid colors. It also offers great noise reduction and retention of every minute detail. In low light conditions, the dual camera setup has also performed very well with underexposure only in the darkest level of the test.

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the first device to feature a dual rear camera setup in the Galaxy S flagship range. The only area, where the cameras have underperformed is the texture with DxOMark reporting that finer textures were blurred probably due to noise reduction rendering.

Coming to the video performance, the device has performed very well with color reproduction, autofocus, exposure, and stabilization. But it has underperformed in texture production in the video department as well. This is, in fact, the only aspect that the cameras need further improvement.

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