Sennheiser’s Ambeo Smart Headset can Record 3D Audio, Launched in India

Sennheiser, the specialized audio company, has recently launched the Ambeo Smart Headset in the Indian markets at Rs 19,990. Talking about the Sennheiser‘s Ambeo Smart Headset, it comes with omnidirectional microphones that give allowance to capture 3D mobile sound. Which is why it can also capture sound the same way alike to that of the human ears. Meant for vloggers as well as other content creators, this piece of the headset can capture immersive audio, claims the company.

Sennheiser has Launched Ambeo Smart Headset in India

Sporting smart slider, the device lets users adjust the mic sensitivity to loud or normal, as per their preference. The headset has Apple MFi-certified Lightning connector which is meant for Apple devices. An Android version is likely to get available later as per claimed by the company. Talking about the specifications, Sennheiser’s Ambeo Smart Headset comes with an additional built-in microphone which is capable of allowing users take phone calls as well as operate voice control on any iOS device too. A dedicated app has been included which lets users program the Smart Slider of Ambeo smart headset with a  wide range of functions. The headset has been made available in two color options: white and black.

Commenting on the launch, Sennheiser India’s Director Consumer Segment, Kapil Gulati stated, “With Sennheiser focusing on providing the best and futuristic audio solutions to its consumer, Ambeo is Sennheiser’s program and trademark for 3D audio. For us, Ambeo is the umbrella for different types of immersive audio configurations. And that is from the recording side to the processing side, to the playback side. We believe that SMART puts your eyes in another world; Sennheiser AMBEO brings your ears along.We are very thrilled to have launched the Ambeo Smart Headset in India. The new headset will be able to create an illusion of sound that will leave the consumer in awe. With our Ambeo Smart Headset, we have surely set our sight to revolutionize the Virtual-Reality audio space in India.”

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