Twitter will Soon Block Cryptocurrency Scam as Suggested by CEO Dorsey

Historically, Bitcoin’s emergence had attracted a lot of attention as well as online conversation. And the spreading of the word happened across various channels, including IRC chats, mailing lists, and discussion sites. Some cryptocurrency’s big boosters found Bitcoin only through the social interactions. So overall, social media platforms do play the vital role in the cryptocurrency world.

In a world where the digital coins are stealing the stage every now and then, the only thing demanded is a proper troubleshoot for cryptocurrency scams. Twitter‘s CEO, Jack Dorsey has recently made a revelation, which indicates that the platform is working and developing some methods to fix Cryptocurrency scam.

The company is working towards fixing the series of cryptocurrency scams on the platform, says the report. Further replying to Emin Siren’s tweet who highlighted another similar scam, Dorsey comments, “We are on it.” February 26 witnessed Dorsey saying that the company was aware of the issues and they are ‘fixing’ the problem.

Twitter is Developing to Block All Cryptocurrency Scams

Taking some preventive measures, Twitter banned several accounts which also include the support for cryptocurrency exchange. Last Tuesday, the ban on the customer support handle of Kraken was lifted and hence it announced, “Good news, guys! @krakensupport is back! Strange that our initial appeal was also apparently handled by an automated system. Thank you all for your public outrage. Stay vigilant.”

In our prior report, we have already that Facebook has already started taking initiatives in order to ban ads promoting cryptocurrency. Also, many users on the social media platform reportedly began complaining that the video streaming platform, YouTube’s ads were stirring the antivirus software up. A script from a service known as CoinHive was specifically being recognized by antivirus software. The attackers’ main agenda behind the attack was to give the allowance sites in order to make a couple of extra income using the CPU processing power of visitor for mining Monero that happens to be a type of cryptocurrency.

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