Vehicle Camera Market Expected To Touch $17 Billion by 2020

Today, most vehicles are in need of clear and reliable cameras. The FHD and UHD vehicle cameras now have a higher demand than the HD ones. Consequently, the need for more storage to capture all the action is on the rise.

Experts who build cameras systems for truck and buses, for instance, need to cater to the demand for these features while maintaining affordability. The reports show that this demand is shaping the vehicle camera market in 2018 and beyond. In fact, the forecast goes all the way to 2023.

Target Vehicles

One of the boosts in this market sector is to create vehicle cameras for specific vehicles. Small cars, vans, trucks, and buses all have different needs when it comes to the view and angles of the cameras used. Small cars and vans have similar needs, and the cameras come with a wide view, which can easily capture all the activities. A major advancement is that FHD and UHD options are available with ease.

On the other hand, larger vehicles like trucks and buses have different needs. They require a couple of cameras especially if they are part of a fleet. This year, these vehicles have had their share of technology advancement, and cameras are now better. Whether it is the cabin or dash cam, they both have enhanced features and technology to make sure that all is captured in real time.

New Onboard Features

Other boosts the market is getting are additional features for vehicle cameras. In addition to the clear recording options we have mentioned, you will be surprised that these devices have become the centers of technology. Here are some of the additional features to obtain.

  • Night vision – previously, vehicle cameras could only be used efficiently during the day. However, it is now easy to record at night through this feature. Cabs and delivery vehicles that work at night have nothing to worry about; they are already covered by this option.
  • GPS sensor – a few years ago, having a camera with a GPS capability would sound insane. However, it is one of the boosts in this sector today. These vehicle cameras can now share their live recording and location via GPS connectivity from any part of the world.

Market Regions

According to the MRFR (market research future report), the experts continue to gather information about factors shaping this industry and making it what it is today. When it comes to regulations, different regions have different rules. The North American region is predicted to be the leader in both demand and production. Canada and the US are the leading consumers of vehicle cameras.

Europe and Asia are also expected to be heavy consumers. This demand is the result of an effort to curb the ever-increasing number of accidents on their roads. The rest of the world, which is a category in itself, will also have an increase in demand. However, most will rely on vehicle cameras produced in other regions. In general, the increase in demand is on the rise while the enhancement of features in the devices is now the trend.

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