10 Things robots help people to do in our life and work

In this article, we have gathered 10 surprising things people don’t have to do anymore because robots can help us. Modern technology rules the world!

How Can Smart Machines Help Modern People

We are living in the era of technology when people get new inventions every day. Evolution never stops, it goes forward and brings us new technology improvements in all spheres of our life including automotive production, computer software, building, food production, etc. Of course, we still haven’t invented the time machine or the flying car, but undoubtedly, we will get such things later, this is just a question of time.

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine our life without robots. These smart machines help people to do many things like cleaning up the house, fulfilling various manipulations in building, medicine, or analyzing a candidate’s capabilities during analytics case study interview on the computer. Of course, these are not all things people can do with robots’ assistance. We have gathered ten impressive things we cannot imagine without smart machines’ help today.

10 Ways of How Robots Make Our Life Easier

Here are ten ways how smart machines help people in our life and work:

  • Babysitting. Needless to say, it doesn’t mean you can leave your kid with a robot and go shopping. Maybe in the future, we will have intellectual robots that could babysit children. Anyway, special therapy robots can assist those moms who have autistic children to develop their skills. Plus, many people use baby-cams that help parents to keep attention on their sleeping baby from another room. Robots can help kids to study simple things like learning colors, memorizing short poems, etc
  • Working in the garden. If you want to take care of your garden, but don’t have enough time for it, a robot farmer can help you! Such smart machine can plant all the needed seeds you want, water them on a regular schedule, destroy weeds, and monitor your garden. You can manage this robot through the special software on your computer or tablet. All you need to do is to set plant you want to grow in your garden, and the robot will fulfill all the hardest job for you
  • Smart house features. Living in a smart home is a great pleasure because you don’t have to think about many things. Most of the everyday processes go automatically: system turns on and off the light according to the schedule set by people, lock and unlock doors, manage security system, etc. You don’t need to worry that you left a kitchen with lights turned on, or didn’t lock a door when you ran in a big rush to work in the morning. A smart system will care about such things, so your house is always safe and secured
  • Making a company for people. Most of the old people who cannot get out from their houses easily, often suffer from loneliness. Thanks to modern technology, they can get new friends such as interactive robots. These are robotic dogs, cats, birds, and other pets that look like real, make sounds and react to noise just like real animals.

It’s a pleasure for old people to have an electronic pet that doesn’t require real food and can make a great company to a lonely person! Such kind of toys are also used for small kids that want to have a pet but their parents cannot allow this because of allergies or other problems

  • Automotive production. Robots help people in the automotive industry. This helps to save a lot of time and money because they can do things fast and without breaks, the ones that a real human wouldn’t be able to do. Plus, robots replace people when it comes to difficult or dangerous jobs like painting automobiles, welding, etc. Thanks to robots, automobile production develops every year
  • Underwater and space exploration. Such machines can discover such places where people cannot get. These robots are featured with various cameras and sensors, so people can actually see everything like they are diving underwater or flying into space on their own. Robots explorers can be easily monitored and controlled remotely by people
  • House cleaning. Modern people are always busy with their work, kids, and other stuff, so they often don’t have enough time to clean up the house. This is not a problem if you have a special robot cleaner. Such devices as vacuum cleaners cannot be used without people. An electronic compact robot cleaner can fulfill the job while you are at work! Imagine that you woke up and ran to the work, then came home in the evening, and voila – your floor is totally clean!

A little device will clean it according to the schedule. It can do this even in houses with stairs and provides more effective cleaning

  • Surgery robots. Many complex operations in medicine can be done thanks to special robots. It’s really amazing how the surgeon can manage this machine, and how much this robot helped to improve operations. It’s even possible to fulfill the operation distantly without the surgeon’s presence in the operating room! Patients have less pain and lose less blood because incisions are minimal, and the entire operation is more accurate and effective
  • Carrying your bags. A personal butler robot can help you with carrying your bags from the grocery to your house. This smart machine is featured with face and speech recognition, so it’s able to fulfill simple commands. It can follow you around the home if needed (for example, when you are planning to move a lot of things from one room to another). Such robots will be especially appreciated by women who always need a hand
  • Washing windows. This is a hard job to do, especially if your office is on the 60th floor. Of course, you can hire special people to wash your windows, but you can use a special robot that will clean your windows fast and easily! The robot uses special strong magnets while working outside, and it is also attached with a rope, so even if something happens, the device won’t fall down. Many people use these effective helpers, and they say such robots are fast and very effective

These are only ten robots, but of course, people use much more smart machines in their life. We hope that in the future, humans will get much more smart and interesting robots to fulfill many jobs and improve the quality of our life.

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