Life on Wheels Documentary Takes a Look at the Future of Mobility

With the widespread use of autonomous vehicles around the corner, The Boring Company’s tunnel-based transportation system, and a consistent increase in cyclists over the last decade, it is clear that we are on the cusp of a mobility revolution. Motor vehicles were once considered one of the world’s greatest inventions, but now they are the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions and the cause of 1.25 million global deaths per year. With the implementation of these new technologies and a greener mindset, what will the future look like?

Launched today on Indiegogo is a campaign for Life on Wheels, a feature-length documentary that takes viewers on a journey through the future-scapes of transportation and the implications for human society. Filmmakers David Hodge and Hi-Jin Kang Hodge tell the story through the eyes of real families and over 80 experts, mobility mavens, technologists, and more. This includes interviews with Lawrence Burns (Former VP Strategic Planning at GM),  Robin Chase (Founder of Zip Car), Martin Eberhard (Telsa Co-Founder), and William Clay Ford Jr. (Executive Chair of Ford Motor Company). Together, they reveal the dark reality and shocking details about our current auto-centric transportation system but also shed light on our potential future based on social movements, lifestyle trends, game-changing technologies, and new business models.

Life on Wheels Trailer

David and Hi-Jin Kang Hodge have nearly completed the majority of the on-camera interviews and will release a new “interview short” each week to give backers sneak peaks of the film before it’s release. They aim to have the first cut complete by 2019.

“We are making this film because we feel it is one of the most important issues facing mankind today” said David Hodge, “We are mobile creatures and we prosper when we can move about but the way we are currently doing it puts us in harm’s way every day, steals our time and is damaging our planet and ourselves. We want to start a new conversation about transportation and we feel the best way to do this is to make a film. Life on Wheels will be our first feature-length documentary film.”

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Filmmakers David Hodge and Hi-Jin Kang Hodge


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