Intel Core i9 Processor Unveiled, Check Features & Specs

It’s time to experience something big, something extraordinary in terms of performance of laptops as Intel has introduced Core i9, the latest addition to its famous “Core i” lineup. The demo of this latest Intel processor hasn’t hit the technical arena yet. But according to the company, it’s the processor that has the best single and multicore performance. Let’s have a look at the features and specs of this new Core i9 processor.

Intel Core i9 Features & Specs

Intel’s new 8th generation i9 processor has brought Coffee Lake architecture and the same architecture is going to come into all product segments. This new processor features up to 6 cores and as per company’s claim, it’s going to be the best laptop for gaming and VR experience.

The new flagship Core i9-8950HK delivers best single core performance with better frame rate and improved performance with multi-core for heavy application.  12 Threads are used for hyperthreading technology in this architecture so that users can have the best gaming experiences on it. The best part of this CPU is its base clock speed that touches 2.9GHz with a single-core Turbo Boost speed of 4.8GHz.

A brand new feature called Thermal Velocity Boost has been introduced that opportunistically thrusts up the clock speed of the processor if the thermal and power conditions are suitable at any point of time. Well, that’s not AI, but it’s really something to look for in future development of course.

Comparison between Core i9 Vs Core i7 Processor

The latest Core i9 can be crowned an improved version of Core i7 in many terms as it has 41% better game play, as we have stated that it had better frame rate per second and nearly 60% faster 4K video processing and editing any time. All these claims are made by the company itself.

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