Xiao AI Introduced To Compete With Siri & Bixby

Xiaomi has introduced its all-new Xiao AI with an aim to compete with Siri and Bixby in China. Still, the AI works in Mandarine language only. This is shipped with Xiaomi’s Mi Max 2S but it hardly gets out of China as it runs on Mandarine as of now. Xioami has posted a new video where some English subtitles are also given in order to show how the digital assistant works. Though it runs Mandarine centric commands only, the English subtitles show its aim to take on Samsung and Apple in near future.

Have a look at the promo video that shows that the new Xiao enables voice commands with different functions. With the voice command, users can play music, set alarm and can know about time, weather information, reminders etc.

With advanced functions, we can see updated traffic information, can send messages through SMS and WeChat as well! With a simple voice command, we can control smart devices and home appliances like Mi robot vacuum cleaner etc.

Users can even take photos, calculate complex calculations and translate various things on the go using the Xiao AI seamlessly. If you are planning a trip then it can check routes, flight times, whether of the destination etc with a clinch! The part of the video is really fun! If you are caught doing mischief with the AI, it may give some amazing replies!

Very recently, Xiaomi has announced a partnership with Microsoft so that it can integrate Microsoft’s own voice assistant Cortana in its Mi AI speaker. According to the company, the new speakers, Mi AI speakers is going to be launched with Mi Mix 2S, so it’s unconfirmed whether it’s also powered by Cortana or not. This is sure that Microsoft has helped Xiaomi developing the voice assistant. Stay tuned for more updates on it.

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