OnePlus 6 May Come with Gesture Controls and More Advanced Alert Slider as per New Teaser

The upcoming OnePlus 6 flagship killer has been in the news for quite some time now with a number of leaks surfacing in the last few days revealing most of the features of the new smartphone. The Chinese smartphone maker has also released many teasers in the last couple of weeks to reveal some great features. Now, the company has released another teaser on Twitter and it indicates the presence of advanced gesture controls in the upcoming OnePlus 6.


To recall, the advanced gesture controls was first introduced by Google in the Android Oreo Open Beta 3 update and OnePlus later rolled it out to the OnePlus 5T smartphone. This gesture control feature is likely to get upgraded in the upcoming OnePlus 6 device.

The teaser video posted from the official OnePlus handle on Twitter reads “Speed up your experience with gestures”. The video also indicates the presence of many swipe functions on the handset. Though the company has confirmed the gesture control feature, it has not released any information regarding the exact gestures the smartphone is going to support.

But, going by the previous gesture control feature that was introduced to the OnePlus 5T smartphone through the Android Oreo Open Beta 3 update, it can be expected that the upcoming flagship device will feature at least three gesture control features if not more. The gestures will enable users to swipe to the home screen, simply swipe a specific way to go back to the previous screen and also check out the app overview.

In addition to the new gesture controls, OnePlus is also expected to bring some changes to the Alert Slider and add new functionalities as indicated by the latest teaser. The company has posted another teaser on Twitter that reads “Slide to focus with the Alert Slider”. The teaser revealed that the slider can be used to adjust the focus of the camera.

With the addition of these features, the users of the upcoming OnePlus 6 will not need to touch the screen to adjust the focus of the camera. They can also use the power button to open the native camera by pressing it twice, without touching the screen at all. The volume rocker key can then be pressed to activate the camera shutter button.

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