Apple May Introduce Curved Display and Touchless Gesture Controls to Future iPhones

The Cupertino based conglomerate Apple is reportedly working to introduce two new features to its future iPhone models to stay on top in this fiercely competitive world of technology. As per a report by Bloomberg, these two new features are touchless gesture controls and curved glass displays. The touchless gesture control feature will take future iPhones to an all new level for sure.

The touchless gesture control feature will enable users to control certain functions on their iPhones by hovering their fingers near the screen without actually touching it. It means the users will not have to touch the screen to perform certain functions. However, this new technology will take time to develop and Apple may take at least two years before introducing it to its future iPhone models.

Over the years, Apple has always found ways to stay on top of the market and distinguish its products from the rest by introducing new features from time to time. For example, the latest 3D Touch feature that was introduced to the latest iPhones have a different level of response to different touch pressures. Apple may upgrade this feature in future iPhones so that the screen can understand if a finger is kept close to it.

Apple’s rival Samsung also recently introduced a gesture control feature called Air Gestures that enables users to surf through web pages and pick up calls by waving their hands over the device. However the new feature did not work out for Samsung very well and it remains to be seen, how it works out for Apple when it is introduced.

The Cupertino based conglomerate also plans to introduce curved glass display to its future iPhone models. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S9, the iPhone models will feature glass panels curving on the inside starting from the top to the bottom of the front panel. The recently launched Apple iPhone X features a curved glass display that is curved slightly towards the bottom

Both the above-mentioned features will take at least two years time to get implemented by Apple and the company has not made any comments on this issue till now. So we will have to wait to see whether these features are really introduced to the future iPhones or not.

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