A New Way To Recover Media Files on your PC, Tricks Revealed

We often land in trouble when some important files on our PC are deleted wrongly. Either due to less concentration on work or second-hand access to the devices can cause such data loss issues in is maximum cases. It’s literally impossible to get the deleted files back; sometimes corrupted USB flash drives also push us into the same situation.

Well, though it seems to be like an impossible task, there’s software that does the task with superb efficiency. If it’s installed on your PC then you may have the almost zero chance to lose the files. This magic is done by the stellar phoenix Photo recovery software.

Let’s have a look at the in-depth analysis of this awesome desktop software that helps us to recover almost all types of deleted media files with a clinch!


Operating this software is pleasant to eyes. Even a novice can easily go forward with the options as there’s simply not rocket science. Starting from the first page it delivers an awesome and lucid way to go through the media file recovery process. Selecting the “recover photo, audio & video” leads to the operation page to recovery while “Resume recovery” restarts the process of recovering that starts from the previously saved files.

Easy options for operation…

The operational page delivers easy selection methods, just select the drives you want to check and carry on the process. The operational page delivers three ways to check the files while the “Deleted lists” option makes the whole way to the all deleted files scanned in a particular drive or file. If you run a system scan for media file recovery, it may take around 5-10 minutes if you have a few thousands of images and videos stacked on your drives.

Once it gets finished, clicking on the “Deleted lists” tab reveals the whole bunch of files you can recover, just select the files you want to recover and proceed. That’s too simple. Check this software now and have a check on data loss. It’s useful and sometimes saves us from emotional and professional disaster!

Verdict: The software is very light, hardly takes 50 MB spaces but it saves a lot of things that values more than just 50 MB! The extraordinarily lucid operation keeps everyone on the board for operation within a minute and that too without any guide and manual! At last the operational efficiencies of the software- truly unmatched.

  • Dashboard & Options - 9/10
  • Operation - 8.5/10
  • Efficiency of the software - 9.5/10

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