This Free App Lets You Create a Will & Trust in Minutes

Why is it that half of American adults do not have a will? First, many see creating a will as too complicated, too depressing, or even too expensive. For young adults and millennials, death is usually the last thing on their mind and statistically speaking, they have less assets than their parents so most see no point. However, creating a will is still crucial and it’s much more than passing on your wealth or a home.

For example, if you have any pets, you could risk them being sent to a shelter if you pass away unexpectedly. Or, if you recently bought into cryptocurrency, you’ll need to make sure that information is available or your investments could be forever out of reach.

Luckily, setting up a will is no longer the tedious task it once was. In fact, thanks to the Tomorrow App, anyone can set up a free will, a free trust and more in just a few minutes from their smartphone. It’s quick, easy, and convenient.



Tomorrow is ideal for both individuals and families to achieve financial stability and acquire legal and financial protection. The company believes that every family should have access to these services without having to reach for their wallets. That’s why they’ve made the app entirely free and users can even take a tour before signing up.

Once you do sign up and create your will, you can then move on to making other financial decisions. This includes assigning roles, organizing and keeping track of your assets and belongings, deciding if you’d like to leave cash gifts or an inheritance to people and charities, and more.

Tomorrow is currently available for iOS only, but you can sign up to be notified when the Android version launches.


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