Whatsapp Introduces Locked Recording Feature to its Android Beta Version

We know that the popular social messaging platform Whatsapp brings new features to improve the user experience with every new update for its Android, iOS and Windows versions. The new features are first introduced in the beta version for testing and only after successful integration, they are rolled out to the stable version of the app. The most recent feature that was introduced by Whatsapp is the Locked Recording feature for Android users.

The feature has been added to the latest update of its Android beta program with version number 2.18.102. This is, in fact, a great feature for those who love to send a lot of voice messages every day. This new feature will enable users to set the lock while recording a video and it will continue to record until you press the send button or decide to cancel the recording altogether.

Earlier, the users had to press and hold the recording button to continue with the recording before sending them to someone and it was not very convenient to use, to say the least. Well, this issue has finally been solved by the Whatsapp beta developers and is likely to be rolled out to the stable version of the app soon. If you want to check out this new feature right now, you need to enroll to the WhatsApp beta program on Google Play Store and then download the latest 2.18.102 beta update.

To use this new feature, the user just needs to tap on the recording button next to the camera button after opening a particular chat conversation. After pressing the recording button, the user needs to drag it to the top to lock the recording. The user can then start with the recording and after it is done, it can be sent easily by pressing the send button just next to it.

Whatsapp has also recently introduced many new features like Payments, Whatsapp for Business, WhatsApp stickers, Delete for Everyone and many more. A user can check out these features by updating the app to the latest version of Android, iOS or Windows phone.

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