Google Drive Gets a New Revamped Look to Match the New Gmail

In a bid to match the new design of Gmail along with the newly implemented features, Google has decided to revamp the look of Google Drive as well. An announcement was made in this regard yesterday, which was also the concluding day of the Google I/O 2018 developers’ conference.

The new design is very similar to the design of the new Gmail interface. While the functionalities and the features have not been changed, Google has given a major overhaul to the user interface of Google Drive. “We built that this new interface to create a responsive and efficient experience for Drive users and to feel cohesive with other G Suite products, such as the recently redesigned Gmail,” Google said in a blog post.

The company has made several changes to the UI of Google Drive. To start with, the Google default logo on the top left corner has been replaced with Google Drives logo. The settings icon which was previously placed directly below the user’s profile image can now be found in line with the search bar. The company has also moved the Help Centre icon in line with the search bar. Apart from these, the Notifications tab and the search bar have been placed in one line to give a clearer and less cluttered look than before.

Additionally, the tech giant has also changed the background color from grey to white to give a cleaner look and has changed the font style used in the header. The “New” button has been revamped too to match the “Compose” button on the new Gmail.

Google has already started to roll out the design changes to Google Drive, however, if you cannot see the changes, you don’t need to worry as the complete rollout may take up to three days.

Meanwhile, Google has introduced a “Smart Compose” option on the revamped Gmail. The new feature will reportedly help the users to compose a new mail faster by suggesting complete sentences based on the first few words typed by the user. The new feature has already been rolled out and may take a few days to reach all the users of Gmail.

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